Corporate Overview

Jetstream Partners Limited (JPL) is a Sydney/Hong Kong based boutique consultancy, specialising in range of corporate finance services specifically for the FX BROKERAGE industry globally.

Over a 30-year career, JPL’s founder has run sales, trading, eCommerce teams and consultancy engagements for the world’s most prestigious investment banks, brokerages, management consultancies and private equity firms in all financial centres worldwide.

Our expertise extends from investment-ready, corporate development services generally through to tapping equity and debt capital markets, M&A and divestitures as well as running MBO/MBI processes.

Jetstream Partners Limited and or its Founder, Jim NUZUM has worked directly with or consulted to some of the most respected firms in our industry globally.

Appointing the right Consultancy/Adviser

JPL draws on a vast body of real world, practical experience gleaned from a variety of roles in Sydney, Singapore, Dubai/Bahrain, Stockholm, London, New York, Hong Kong and mainland China - from founder/CEO of VC backed FINTECH start-ups to Global Head of eFX for a tier one investment bank, COO of a global top 10 retail FX/CFD brokerage.

It is this unique body of experience, specialist domain expertise and industry contacts that sets JPL apart from its branded (management consultancy) competitors; such differentiation is most practically evident in precision of focus, degree of empathy (you only get from real world, hands-on experience) and of course ultimately, value for money.

We are focused, resourceful, driven, global, connected. We take immense pride in delivering outcomes that optimise, unlock and realise enterprise value.

JPL engagements are generally structured to Client or mission specific requirements. These might be short term, tactical in nature or at the other end of the spectrum, a turnkey, outsourced Corporate Development function. Recent selected assignments:

  • Mid eight figure ($) PE lead, Series A cap raise for an Asian based retail FX/CFD brokerage
  • Low nine figure ($) Series C, PE lead cap raise for an Asian based retail FX/CFD brokerage
  • Low to mid eight figure ($) DCM raise for an Asian based retail FX/CFD brokerage
  • Engaged as FX subject matter expert by top 3 European PE firm in intended > $500 million acquisition of Asia Pacific based remittance firm
  • Structured and closed acquisition of innovative trading mentor platform for Asia Pacific based retail FX/CFD brokerage
  • Engaged by global tier one French bank to develop onshore and offshore RMB commercialisation strategy
  • Engaged by FXall to develop Middle East/GCC commercialisation strategy

Founder, Jim NUZUM Bio

Reporting to its CEO, Mr Nuzum was most recently Group COO / Global Head of Corporate Development at AxiCorp. In this capacity he was responsible for a range of functions including M&A, joint ventures, strategic alliances and partnerships, capital raising, regulatory, key-stakeholder and investor management.

Mr Nuzum has 30 years OTC FX experience and has headed Sales, Trading and eCommerce operations for global investment banks in each of Sydney, Singapore, Dubai, London and New York. A globally recognised FX subject matter expert within the investment banking, private equity and FINTEC areas, he brings a wealth of directly relevant operational experience.

In addition to closing several rounds of equity and debt capital financings, he spearheaded the reconstruction of the firm’s Middle Eastern operations, including initial engagement with, and development of the Regulatory Business Plan for, the DFSA and recently approved DIFC operation. Mr Nuzum was also personally responsible for the establishment of the firm’s Wholly Foreign Owned Entity (WFOE) in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone in mainland China.

Prior to this Mr Nuzum ran JPL, was previously Global Head of eCommerce at Westpac Banking Corporation, founder and CEO of FINTEC, Velocity Systems International Limited and member of the Board of Directors of FXall (now a wholly owned subsidiary of Thomson Reuters).

He completed an Executive MBA on Wall Street with JP Morgan Chase Group.

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