Corporate Development

CD excellence is at the core of our DNA. At JPL it encompasses a range of functions, all precision aligned to unlock and ramp up enterprise value (EV).

These functions map, uncoincidentally to a broad subset of our Capability Statement and typically span both the tactical and strategic:

  • Leading the implementation of a killer corporate vision, mission and strategy
  • Grounding M&A decisions in sound financial modelling, develop considered transaction strategies
  • Exploring joint ventures and strategic alliances
  • Improving divestitures, asset and risk management
  • Exploring new markets, products and customer segments
  • Identifying cash/EBITDA accretive opportunities on both sides of your P&L

JPL Approach = Alignment of Interests

  • Appointment of stakeholder group (buy-in, ownership)
  • C Suite engagement across all functional global heads, with a focused top to bottom health-check of the business
  • C Suite presentations – strategy, summary and bang-for-buck (time, money, risk) recommendations in order of implementation priority

At JPL we run this as a cookie-cutter process, based on a proven methodology; we will very rapidly determine what information is needed, in what format, who’s got it and how do we get it.

First-hand experience has demonstrated that this affords the most streamlined and cohesive approach. Engagement with C Suite is of course a given, but we also recommend appointment of some of your trusted lieutenants to embed buy-in, ownership and accountability from day one. This is usually a very good idea.

We know how these businesses run. These are dynamic, leveraged enterprises operating in an increasingly volatile environment. An environment where enterprise value (EV) can be made or lost based on indiscriminate whims of external shocks, such as the next “black swan” or regulatory announcement.

Ramping up EV

The value is there, you know it is, but articulating it, defending it, unlocking it and optimising it can be tricky. A well-executed CD program or, on a shorter fuse, “corporatisation” process, ensures you’re battle hardened, investor ready and invariably represents the quickest route to enhanced enterprise value.