As indicated elsewhere, we don’t have a prescriptive, one size fits all approach to Client engagement. Much of what we do is individually tailored, Client or project centric.

The breadth and scope of JPL engagements range from the short term tactical to everything up to a turnkey, outsourced Corporate Development function.

A short term tactical assignment might include “we need to raise $5 million to shore up reg cap”, or “I want to take some cash off the table though a partial sell down”, whereas a long-term assignment could be more along the lines of “we want to list the business in 2 years – what are our options and can you run a formal process to prepare us?”

Typically, assignments will commence with informal preliminary discussions, execution of NDA’s, refinement and agreement of scope and execution of engagement letter.

Approach and Methodology

Regardless of the nature of the engagement, all assignments will proceed on a footing of three key elements:

  • Identify key internal and external stakeholders
  • Appoint project team, agree high level deliverables and respective ownership (Finance, Trading, Risk, Compliance, IT/Tech, etc.)
  • Agree project governance model and reporting framework

We’ve been doing this for a long time; we know how to effectively engage with your C Suite across all disciplines, from technology and trading to finance and compliance - whether it’s a global head or entry level grad.

Once the project team has been appointed, milestones, risks, dependencies, timelines etc. can then all be committed to a formal project plan. We will always propose a process-light approach that still mitigates risk and strikes a practical balance between good governance and outcome delivery.

Time and again we are reminded that alignment of interests and expectations is one of the most critical determinants of success; JPL processes have been refined over many years to ensure unity of vision, buy-in and accountability from the outset.


Commercial underpinnings will be dependent on the nature of the engagement (time, scope, complexity, risk, etc.).

For the most part, JPL assignments are underpinned by a retainer and may or may not include sharing in the upside via cash and or equity. The upside may be linked to capital raised, value of acquisition or divestment, etc.

For an equitable balance of risk and reward, we’re entirely flexible about the nature and structure of remuneration. Again, we believe it important that this element of the relationship is also structured to purposefully align interests from the outset.

However you proceed with JPL, you’ll find our engagement style to be consultative, collaborative, inclusive, underpinned with particularly high levels of empathy and integrity.

We are focused, resourceful, driven, global, connected. We take immense pride in delivering outcomes that optimise, unlock and realise enterprise value.